2013 Reunion

Saturday 28th September 2013

Venue: Scout Campsite, Ark Lane, Rochford SS4 1PJ

A huge thank you to David, Wendy, Jane and Family for hosting an amazing reunion, it was a great venue, plenty of food and a fab bouncy castle which was enjoyed by all both young and old!


David & Wendy Offord

Jane & Nick Offord, Chris Offredi and Corrine Skelt

Paul, Lynne, Zach & Paige Manley

Craig, Diane & Lucas

Richard & Verle Offord and Sian Wood

Giles, Lisa, Henrietta, Rose & Frederick Offord

Colin & Geraldine Hill

Robert, Helen, Charlotte & Louis Hill

Joanne & Richard Dennis-Jones

Marc, Erin & Lois Morley

Phil &Christine Wight and Leona Offord

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