2011 Reunion

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This year the union was hosted by Rob and Helen Hill at Colin and Geraldine’s House in Fleet, Hampshire.  Fun was had by all and attended by the following people:

  • Rob, Helen, Charlotte & Louis Hill
  • Colin and Geraldine Hill
  • Joanne & Richard Dennis-Jones
  • Betty Offord
  • Barbara Offord
  • Jane Offord
  • Nick Offord and Corrine Skelt
  • Christopher and Becky Offredi
  • Phil and Christine Wight
  • Leona Offord
  • Simon, Becky, Ollie, Alex and Freya Offord
  • Michael and Pat Offord
  • Richard and Verle Offord
  • Wendy and David Offord
  • Marc and Erin Morley
The Plate was handed to Richard and Verle who will be hosting next years reunion in Essex.
Please see photos from this event

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