2016 Reunion

This year the great event took place on Saturday 2nd July 2016

at Tobacconist’s Farm, Tobacconist’s Road, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9JJ.

This is a camping and caravan site owned by Lucy Offord who had reserved the site for the Friday and Saturday nights that weekend, enabling us all to come along and camp and caravan providing great accommodation for the party.  The site is on a farm in the beautiful Cotswolds, with first class facilities.

Congratulations Lucy you hold the record for the longest party 12:00 pm to 12:00 am for the hardcore party goers.

Rob and Helen have put their hands up to host the annual event in 2017 in Fleet, Hampshire!

A big thank you to Lucy and her family for putting on a damn good do!


Lucy, Wil and Anna

Pat & Michaeal Offord

Simon, Becky, Ollie, Alex and Freya

David, Wendy Offord and the dogs Max and Charlie

Paul, Lynne, Zach & Paige Manley

Craig, Diane & Lucas

Richard & Verle Offord

Sian, Josh & Letty

Giles, Lisa and Henrietta

Colin & Geraldine Hill

Robert, Helen, Charlotte & Louis Hill

Phil & Christine Wight